Department of Health

Teenage bedwetting

The medical name for wetting the bed is enuresis (pronounced: en-yuh-ree-sis). Bed wetting is fairly common among ordinary, mature and healthy teenagers with one in every 100 wetting the bed at some stage. It can be embarrassing and difficult to talk about, even to your family or best friends. It can make a simple camping trip or sleepover something to worry about instead of look forward to.

Teenage bedwetting doesn't mean there is something abnormal about you. Something can be done to help you, even if you think you have tried everything. There are new solutions and treatments available.

While doctors and other health professionals are not always sure why bedwetting occurs, certain conditions may cause the problem. Often bedwetting has been a problem since childhood. It happens to boys more than girls. Luckily, most outgrow the problem with time and/or treatment.

What can I do?

If you, or a teenager you know, still wets the bed, it is important to seek help rather than just accept or hide the condition. Discuss your concerns with your doctor or a continence advisor as soon as possible. Help is available. For further information see: